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Dr Benjamin Goold is a Professor at the Allard School of Law. He holds degrees in law and economics from the University of Tasmania, as well as a BCL and doctorate from the University of Oxford, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar. His major research interests include privacy rights, the use of surveillance technologies by the police and intelligence communities, and the governance of international borders. He is the author of numerous works on privacy, surveillance, and security, including CCTV and Policing (Oxford University Press) and Security and Human Rights (Hart Publishing; edited with Liora Lazarus). Most recently, he has been working with two Allard School of Law colleagues – Professors Efrat Arbel and Catherine Dauvergne – on a SSHRC-funded project examining how legislative and policy changes introduced as a result of the 2011 Beyond the Border Agreement have affected the governance of the Canada-US border, and in particular their impact on the rights and civil liberties of border crossers.



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  • Centre for Asian Legal Studies


  • Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Human Rights Law