Judith Mosoff

  • 1822 East Mall, Peter A. Allard School of Law

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In Memoriam: 1947 – 2015

In 1991, Judith joined the faculty of law at UBC as a clinical instructor and was coordinator for the faculty's Clinical Legal Program. Once in the academic stream, she taught a variety of courses over the years, including administrative law, criminal law, regulatory state, perspectives on law, disability law, children and the law, and, most recently, legal ethics and professionalism. Judith's passion for teaching lay in the clinical context, as she believed that students learned best by doing, and by engagement with ethical problems as they arise in practice. Even after she moved to more traditional teaching, she continued to incorporate clinical elements. In her disability course, for example, students were placed with community groups and their course papers were based on work done for the placement. Judith was committed to developing a sense of social responsibility in young lawyers and to giving students a context from which to think about and discuss the role of law in pursuing social justice. In 2014 she began supervising UBC's externship program in the Provincial Court, the perfect mix of clinical and classroom instruction for Judith...


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