Exploring Relationships between Time, Law and Social Ordering: A Curated Conversation

Emily Grabham , Emma Cunliffe, Stacy Douglas, Sarah Keenan, Renisa Mawani , Amade M'charek

Research output: Articlepeer-review


This interdisciplinary and international 'curated conversation' focuses on the relationship between time, law and social ordering. Participants were drawn from law, sociology and anthropology in the UK, Canada and the Netherlands. Their research is inspired by, and engaged with, feminist theory, post- or anti-colonial perspectives and/or critical race theory. In an extended written conversation lasting several days (and later edited), participants reflected on how questions of time have emerged in their research, the ways in which they have struggled with conceptual or methodological dilemmas to do with analysing time in relation to law or social ordering. The conversation focused in particular on how constructions of race are co-imbricated with dominant temporal idioms and practices and the challenges this poses for researchers interesting in unpicking the knotted relationships between race, colonialism, and specific legal technicalities or approaches.
Original languageEnglish
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Nov 23 2018

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